You want the best for your children and grandchildren and part of that is planning for their future.  Education can be the best investment of time and money provided that you don't go into debt to pay for it.  From your planning today, your children will gain financial independence of their own.  The expense of a college education is one of the biggest financial hurdles that some parents and grandparents face.  We can help you incorporate college planning into your investment objectives regardless of your current college savings plan.  We realize that no two families are exactly alike and we will cater a plan specific to your situation, needs and goals.

Our customized strategy is designed with the objective to position your assets to optimize growth while mitigating risk.  When it comes to saving for your child's education, it's important to have a comprehensive college financial planning strategy in place.  Ideally, choosing the most appropriate savings plan should provide you with a combination of tax advantages, financial aid benefits, and flexibility, while addressing your overall investment needs.

We at David R. Balok Wealth Management can help you navigate the path of saving for your child's future while saving for yours.  Whether you're starting to plan early or at the last minute, we can help you today!